A sizable part of a monthly home budget goes in electricity bill. But reducing this bill doesn't have to be a far-fetched idea. With just a few changes in your electricity use, you can keep your electricity costs down. Here are simple tips to help you be proactive & keep your electricity bills down for year-round savings.

Switch to energy efficient lighting

Substitute your traditional light bulbs with energy effective lighting options like CFLs and LEDs. These alternatives use about 25-90% fewer electricity than conventional bulbs and last far longer. If the significant upfront cost is a subject of concern, then you can regularly start by changing the most often used bulbs in your apartment first and replacing the others as they burn out.

Go for solar panels

Harness the energy of the sun by going solar. By producing their power, solar panels can dramatically reduce your monthly electricity bill. Solar installation may save an average house tens of thousands of dollars across the life of the solar panel. So, while you should pay for solar panels, it is an investment worth making – acknowledging the amount of electricity solar panel will save in the long run.

Buy Hi-Tech LED & HVAC appliances

If a majority of your electric devices are ten years old or older, then it’s about time you replaced them with new, Hi-Tech LED & HVAC appliances. Hi-Tech LED & HVAC appliances can cut energy bills by 30%. Thus, replacing an eight-year-old energy inefficient Air conditioner with a new Hi-Tech LED & HVAC appliances can save your electricity bills. So, the next time you buy appliances, look for the Hi-Tech LED & HVAC to make a smart switch.

Make sensible use of the off-peak hours

One of the easiest ways to lower your electricity bill is to use energy when the off-peak hours, whenever you can. While there are devices that may have to be utilized irrespective of the timing, you can run the washer, dishwasher, or dryer at such a time when your electric company charges less for off-peak energy usage.

Air-dry dishes and clothes

Save your dishwasher’s energy expenditure by using the air-dry setting or just by leaving the dishwasher’s door open to air-dry the dishes naturally. Likewise, you can considerably reduce energy usage by line-drying your laundry. Set up a clothesline in the yard or hang clothes on a drying rack – letting the Mother Nature run its course.

Unplug devices

Many American families waste hundreds of dollars every year powering electric appliances that are not in use. Make it a habit to always check all the electronic devices when they are not in use. Rather than just turning them off, unplug them as electric devices can drain power even when they are not on. You can also buy a smart strip that automatically disconnects the power by eliminating or reducing phantom loads.

Let’s wrap it up. Slashing your utility bill doesn’t have to be a tricky affair. Follow these practical ways to cut down on your utility costs and make your home more energy efficient for years to come.