Preliminary research has shown a connection between the lighting of space moreover the moods plus productivity levels of people. Light and well-lit areas make people feeling uplifted and motivated. Conversely, poorly-lit sites bring down productivity. In our workspaces, thus, lighting plays a vital role that works much beyond assuring visibility, as it influences the overall productivity also team-spirit of the workers.

By their energy capability, durable essence increased lifespan plus the high quality of light transmitted, LEDs are extra in vogue than ever. Technological shifts in the world of LED have led to the availability of a vast variety of styles and color temperature of lights, at comparatively lower prices than earlier. Notwithstanding a higher price-point compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are a substantial investment because of their lower energy consumption and much longer lifespans.


Alternative to Natural Light

With a maximum of our offices being in the heart of metropolitans amongst a crowd of other buildings, it is tough to have a procurement for uninterrupted sunlight, or even a lot of natural light, coming in, LED lights, with their high degree of light emitted, can give a proper alternative. You can place LED skylights to reproduce the feel of sunlight pouring in into your working place.

Flicker Free Lamps

It is a recognized fact that the flickering of lights can create severe health issues such as eye-strain, anxiety, seizures or even migraines, and have an unfavorable effect on the productivity plus the general mood of your workers. Furthermore, if your office performs the use of barcode scanner, that might not be capable of working because of the flickering lights accurately.

You can spend in flicker-free LED bulbs & tubes as an option to the usual incandescent or LED lamps to neutralize these problems.

Variable Color Temperature

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT), or color temperature in general language, is a measure of the level of blue or yellow in the light emitted by a tube. For office spaces, usually, a neutral to cold color temperature (3000-4000K) is preferred. Cooler temperatures of the range make you more active and calm while doing work, but aren’t so severe as to deliver the atmosphere clinically or depressing. The LED technology has evolved immensely not just to have a variety of color temperatures available, but also allow for color tuning. You can now even alter the color temperatures according to the time of day, season, etc. through color tuning provisions on any LED light fixtures to optimize the productivity levels of your workers.

Lower Electricity Bills

The main reason why firms invest in LEDs is how it helps to reduce electricity bills immensely. Ideally spending in renewable energy sources would help the environment while also cut the expenditure behind energy, but at the time it is still challenging to have an introduction to cheap renewable power. LED bulbs are energy-efficient & provide the next-best option. Not just is the quality of light much more significant than incandescent bulbs; however, in the long run, LED lighting installations to incur much lower costs to run & maintain. 90% less consumption of energy and with their 30 times longer lifespan, LED bulbs are the ideal fit for companies to save on running expenses.

Suit the purpose of the room

Office space is usually divided into different rooms based on their utility and the tasks traditionally undertaken in these particular areas. With a variation in the purpose of a space, comes a difference in the value of focus and energy needed of the people in it. Lighting can be fortunately used to establish the mood & unique identity of all of these areas. LED lighting installations come in especially handy here due to their extensive variety. A Meeting Room, for instance, needs its brightness to be flexible to complement changing requirements. Movable lights and lights with color tuning, as is possible in a lot of LEDs nowadays, are perfect for such a setup. On the other hand, passage areas, especially the entry area or lobby of your office, must have an attractive and appealing look to workers coming in as well as guests. Typically LED lights with hotter CCTs should be installed here to make people feel immediately welcome.

Thus we can see whereby LED lighting can be a benefit when used actively to boost the productivity & general mood of the workspace, as well as to cut costs.