LED technology advancing at a rapid pace; there are many unique products that we do not get a chance to cover fully. In the post, we will explore some LED products you may not know that exist.

Hazardous Location LED Corn Lamps

Assure that you face strict security regulations while preserving on electricity with the newly developed hazardous location LED corn lamps. Certain bulbs are rated for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations per the National Electric Code (NEC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) definitions. That means that these LED corn lamps are suggested for areas:
• where liquefied petroleum or natural gas is stored and handled
• where flammable vapors or liquids are in the air
Hazardous location LED corn lamps to require the elimination of the ballast while installation, decreasing maintenance costs. Certain LED lights operate active cooling technology to help disperse heat & feature a clear outside case that will hold an internal explosion. Use those lamps in gas stations, aircraft hangers, utility gas plants, and refineries.

Specialty Rope Light

Specialty rope lights are another type of LED lights you may not be familiar, consisting of soft neon rope light and hybrid LED flat rope light. Adjustable neon rope light is an alternative of the LED to classic glass neon lights, Enduring up to three times longer. These lights plug into a nearby outlet plus do not require a specialist to install. Low rope light can be efficiently connected to light stages, decks, patios, and other places.
Both kinds of specialty rope lights can be applied outdoors as long as they outlast uncut. Do not go over the max run limit when placing these lights. A single run of the neon rope light can be no longer than 150 feet, and flat rope light cannot exceed 146 feet.

Shatter Resistant LED Tubes

If you work in the food business, you likely understand that the FDA needs shatter resistant bulbs in spaces around food plus equipment. Did you acknowledge that many of our LED tubes that can be used in these areas? Shatter-resistant LED tubes have a shatter-resistant coating that matches NSF International certifications. The layer traps glass shards in the case of breakage, surfaces, keeping foods, and appliances safe from shattered glass. Use these lights anywhere shattered glass could pose a danger including daycares, manufacturing facilities, and schools.
Shatter-resistant LED tubes are of three types. Plug & play lamps operate with your existing ballast, creating these the easiest to install. Straight wire lamps work directly off of the line voltage, meaning that you have to remove the weight and rewire the fixture during installation. That eliminates ballast maintenance costs and compatibly issues, as well as a potential failure point for your accessory. Hybrid tubes initially run with a compatible ballast, furthermore can then be reinstalled later as a direct wire tube once the weight reaches the end of its life.

LED Mini Indicator Bulbs

LED mini indicator bulbs succeed the small halogen lamps seen in under cabinet lights & other applications. Unlike halogen bulbs, these bulbs are not affected with the oils on your hands, so you don’t require to wear gloves while handling the bulbs. LED mini indicators are accessible in a variety of bases:
When choosing a lamp, measure your fixture to ensure there is enough space for the light to fit. LED bulbs may be longer or more comprehensive than the bulbs they are succeeding. Also make sure to monitor the voltage of your fixture, as these mini indicator bulbs range from 12 -120 Volts. In addition to under cabinet bulbs, LED mini indicator bulbs can be applied in boats, RVs, and vehicles. Look for tubes that are waterproof while choosing LED mini indicator lights for crafts & other applications wherever bulbs can come into contact with water. Screw-based lamps can be applied in wall ceiling fans, sconces, chandeliers, and other similar fixtures.

LED Cooler & Freezer Fixtures

Are the fluorescent lights in your walk-in freezer, cooler, or display case not bright enough? Substitute your existing system with certain LED cooler & freezer fixtures. These lights hardwire direct to the line voltage, moreover up to 10 lights can be interconnected. LED cooler lights are intended to withstand temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, shocks, vibrations, and corrosion. The unified LEDs produce very little heat and no UV light, significantly decreasing cooling costs. Choose between appliances that provide a 4000 Kelvin cold white light or a 5000 Kelvin stark white light that is similar to daylight.