Your bedroom is one of the critical rooms in your home. That’s why getting the lights right is imperative. Therefore, here are a few ideas on what you can do with your bedroom lighting.


In the past, you couldn’t dim LED lights. However, now you can, that is brilliant for your bedroom’s lighting. Set the mood with ambient lighting, some dimmer, or brighten your room when you want to get ready in the morning. Whatever the level of light you want, you’ll be able to attain it with our dimmer switches. We have a higher premium Trendi range, we have ordinary rotary switches, and touch-sensitive dimmers, too. Whether you want copper, gold, white, red, or black – we have these and plenty more.

It’s essential to get the right color temperature of light in your bedroom, too. With an incandescent bulb, you didn’t get a choice. LED lights, however, let you choose exactly how warm the light is. In a room, the warmer white tends to fit it better, with it creating a more intimate light that suits your bedroom perfectly.

A more refreshing white helps you to focus, so it is not always necessary in a bedroom. Though, if you have a changing area or a desk in your room, then a cooler white may be best there. You could use a desk lamp, or some strip lights around a mirror to achieve the glow.


When choosing your lighting, you have to be sure that it fits into your décor. If your bedroom is renovated in a modern style, you won’t need any traditional looking pendants. Same as with a more conventional décor – you likely won’t need anything too futuristic or minimal. That’s why it’s vital to team your light with your design.


See the way the light has been positioned. In a rather sparse, minimal setting, this simple pendant/lamp combination looks terrific. The wire cage design looks lovely in such a simple setup, and we have a wide variety of different shapes and colors.


There are various styles of pendant shade shapes, whether you go for the open form such as this one, or another. We offer drum, island, globe, tapered and others. have both up-lighters and downlighters. Most pendants face downwards so that they can provide general illumination. However, many faces upwards, meaning they’ll create more ambient lighting. That could be much better for the room, creating soft mood lighting.


You can choose pendant lamps in loads of different styles, shapes, and colors. We have pendants made from glass, metal, fabric, plastic, and wood.

However, you may need to go for something a little more premium. That’s where ceiling lights step in.


We have a fabulous selection of super-modern lights. A light such as that should be deployed in a remarkably modern environment, with various contemporary flourishes. These ceiling lights are generally situated in the center of your room, although they could also be placed differently for different purposes. In the bedroom, you may need it put slightly away from the bed, so it doesn’t shine too brightly down onto it. Some people also place their lights further away from the window.

If it’s modern lighting you’re seeking, then spotlights or downlights could be what you see for.

Spotlights enable you to target the light all over your room, so the middle of the room is usually the best placement. You can then face the lights away from your bed if you wish.

Downlights offer more permanently targeted lighting. They are great for smaller bedrooms, as they recess neatly into your ceiling. These can provide general lighting if placed all over the office, or can offer more specific light where you want it.


An excellent way to light your bedroom is usually to go with ambient lighting in the room, joined with more focused lighting when you need it. That is why most bedrooms tend to have lamps next to each side of the bed. We offer a vast range of various table lamps, again suiting a wide range of uniquely decorated rooms.


We have a whole range of various table lamp styles, from elegant to quirky, from brightly-colored to simple. Choose traditionally styled lamps that look spectacular or modern lights that use integrated LED lights.

With a table lamp on, you can save the ambiance in your room without having too bright a light. It means that if one person has to get up in the morning before another, they can check the light to avoid disturbing the other.


Set the mood with incredible LED strip lights, and it’s easy to create some tremendous lighting effects in your room. Run them around your ceiling, bed, or the floor – the preference is yours. Look at these pictures to see how amazing they can look. You could use red lighting to create some gorgeous ambiance in a light that will ease your circadian rhythm. You could frame your bedroom nicely and create an ambient halo effect with some cold and warm white tape.




 It’s all down to you. Certain were just a few design tips, there are loads of various ways that you can light up your bedroom, plus you can add your personal touch to generate a look that works for you. Remember, we don’t design your bedroom for you – we give you the tools to make it look great.

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