Water Resistant LED Lights

Spring showers may bring flowers, but rain is rarely something that contractors & electricians look forward to. Mainly when working with LED lights.

Like any electrical system, LED lights and water don’t mix. while low-voltage lighting may remove the risk of electrical shock, exposure to moisture can still cause shorts or rusting which can reduce the lifespan of your LED lights.

So, does that mean that all outdoor or damp places are off-limits? Not at all!

Luckily HI-TECH LED & HVAC LED has several ways to help waterproof & weather-proof your new lighting system to install just about anywhere.



The kitchen is one of the most common locations to install LED lights. Most above cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting or toe kick lighting will only receive the rare splash or splatter. Most messes can easily be cleaned away, even from bare LED lights, with a paper towel or soft dry cloth. So, the choice to save money with a flexible LED strip lights, versus paying extra for a lensed installation, eventually comes down to customer preference.

Strangely enough, if you see a small section of LED lights that are suddenly producing a much yellowish light than the others. That may be caused by something coating the surface of the diodes! Double-check to be sure the area is clean, and always remember to cover your LED strip lights with painter’s tape before painting cabinets, or mudding backsplash.

But there are individual sections of the kitchen which may experience more moisture than others. For homeowners looking to include LED lighting over the sink or under a vent hood, we offer an optional conformal coat that acts like a seal over our flexible LED strip lights. A lensed product like Angle Adjust Tubes or Radiant Edge panels or provides an additional layer of protection against splashes & steam.



Bathrooms have become a frequently accessible location for accent lighting in home décor, particularly under toe kicks, and behind floating mirrors. Once again, even a naked LED strip light is tough enough to withstand the exceptional steam of a hot shower. But if you are looking to install low voltage light in a bathroom that doubles as a sauna, you may need to consider some waterproofing.

Frequently conformal coating will do the magic. If you have a place to install a lensed fixture, that is also an option. Despite, due to the small space & limited features in most bathrooms, it may not always be possible. For installations behind glass sinks or in showers, we suggest using our “weather-resistant” LED flex. That can be performed to your exact specifications and sleeved in clear silicone to prevent contact with water.

For an extra level of accessibility, try incorporation a low-voltage motion sensor into LED systems around the mirror, or under-cabinet toe-kicks. That will guarantee the lights are there when homeowners want the most — even in the mid of the night!



This time of year, particularly, as the weather begins to warm, homeowners start to look for new ways to enjoy their outdoor places. Decorative lighting is an excellent way to not only strengthen the unique features of your yard also to maximize the time spent enjoying this place.

Highlighting benches, address plates, planters, even mailboxes can make a place more recognizable, adding dimension, & setting the mood for a landscape. For certain types of applications, we suggest using our weather-resistant outdoor LED lights. A silicone tube prevents moisture from sprinklers or rainfall coming into touch with LED components, while an extra seal on each end protects connection points.

While the product is rated as “weather-resistant,” applying extra silicone during installation can help to reinforce & further weatherproof the connections for especially damp locations.

If, however, you are looking to incorporate LED lights around a pool, active fountain, or waterfall, extra precautions will require to be taken. We suggest combining our sleeved outdoor LED flex & Radiant Edge panels to create a double-insulated fixture. That will help protect your lights from the elements, ensuring they will be around to enjoy for years to come.



Though most accent lights tend to be placed out of the way, some jobs require LED lights to be installed in high traffic outdoor areas. Patios, decks, walkways, and gazebos not only have to withstand the weather, but they also must contend with being walked on, kicked, & otherwise roughed up.

So long as water-resistant LED strip lights are strategically placed and reinforced during fittings, these are durable enough to be placed on handrails, or overhead beams. However, when it comes to placing outdoor lighting along stairs, paths, or along the base of the porch, chances are you will want to go with something even more durable.

HI-TECH LED & HVAC is currently in the process of developing a NEW, long-lasting weatherproof LED strip light as a part of the Infinity Outdoor product line. Where weather-resistant flex is sleeved & sealed with a silicone tubing post-production, so the new Infinity 2.0 flex will be fully coated with a thick layer of PVC during manufacturing, that completely insulates the LED components, guaranteeing they continue to function even after years of wear & tear.

Infinity 2.0 strip lights will be available in a variety of lengths, with simple two-prong connectors & accessories designed for in-field customization. 

If you are looking for a long-lasting outdoor lighting solution, we are ready to help! Contact us to learn more!

While at first glimpse, it may seem that installing LED lights in damp or outdoor locations presents a unique challenge, a little technique and some essential preparation can go a long way to get the job done. For more outdoor lighting inspiration, be sure to check out our other outdoor blogs,

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