Manufacturer's Warranties

Many products offered by hitechledhvac.com  provide a manufacturer's warranty! The info is listed on our site inside the Specs section of each product if there is a manufacturer's warranty. After 30 days, the buyer is liable for the freight cost of warranty replacement.

hitechledhvac.com Supplemental Warranty

hitechledhvac.com  gives a 30-day supplemental warranty for those merchandises not followed by a stated factory warranty except categorized as Specific Handling, Special Order, or Non-Stock. The supplemental warranty permits for replacement of the initial purchase up to 30-days from the receipt date, subject to a reasonable restocking fee, and hitechledhvac.com  will pay for the freighting costs of the replacement.

Special Handling Non-Warranted Products

Certain product classes carry no manufacturer’s warranty and are omitted from the hitechledhvac.com  Supplemental Warranty. These merchandises are generally prohibited because they must be adjusted, modified, or otherwise manipulated to be used as expected. Other products have a remarkably short life rating due to design such as stage and studio lamps. Please review the following carefully before purchase.

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